How it works

The 10x randomly chosen entrants from the competition all win a trip to the Offshore Adventures lodge for 2x nights’ accommodation and 1x days fishing with Tony Orton and Offshore Adventures and Shimano NZ.

At 5pm on Friday 27th, March 2020 the last man standing draw will take place.

All 10x entrants will be lined up and blindfolded, then they randomly choose 1x ball out of bucket. On this ball will be a number between 1–10. You will hold onto your ball.

The local Mangawahi policeman will be on hand to oversee & conduct the draw.

A 2nd bucket will have the same balls with the same numbers 1-10 on them.  The blind folded person will pull 1x ball out of the bucket at a time and the number will be read out. If your ball number is read out, YOU ARE NOW OUT OF THE DRAW. We will repeat this until 3x people are left standing.

The next number drawn out, being the 3rd to last ball pulled from the bucket) this person will win the WilliamsWarn10 Brew kit.

Of the 2x people left standing, 1 will win the trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and 1 will win the Extreme boat, Honda & Voyager trailer turnkey package.

The blindfolded person will then draw the next ball out, the number will be read out, and if your number is on the ball, you win the trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and the LAST MAN STANDING, wins the boat package.