Shimano Last Man Standing 2 Competition - Terms and Conditions

The Competition

 (Shimano) – 79 Apollo Drive, Albany, Auckland.

The Competition runs from 12.01am on 1 October 2019 to 23.59pm on 29 February 2020 (Competition Period).

Every $50 you spend during the Competition Period on any Shimano branded product purchased from an authorised Shimano NZ retailer (Products) will give you one right to enter into the draw to win one of ten places in the Last Man Standing Draw to win either the 1st prize Boat Package, 2nd prize trip to Cabo San Lucas Mexico fishing or 3rd prize WilliamsWarn brewkit (Prizes) – follow the Prize Pool link below for a full description of the Prizes.

The total retail value of the prize package is $90,000 Entry coupons will be available, when you purchase Shimano product, at any authorised New Zealand based Shimano retailers from October 1st 2019 – 29th February 2020.

How to enter the Competition When you purchase Products you will receive an entry coupon/s relevant to the value of your purchase. Coupons are available in $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000 values. Each entry coupon has a unique entry number. Go to to register your unique entry code and to enter your personal details to register for the Competition. You can enter the draw as many times as you like, subject to spending $50 for each entry coupon – i.e., spend $50, receive 1 entry, spend $100 receive 2 entries, spend $200 and receive 4 entries, spend $500 and receive 10 entries and spend $1000 and receive 20 entries. When you enter the draw online, we will ask you to provide some personal information. Please see our Privacy Statement as to what this information is required for, how we will use it and what your rights are with respect to that information and our collection of it. We will only issue entry coupons during the Competition Period – however, you will be able to register your entry up until 23:59Pm 2nd March, 2020. You must be over 18 to enter the comp and you must be a NZ resident living in NZ. You must register, (upload), your receipt for the Products purchased on at the time of registering your coupon. No receipt, no entry, no exceptions. Employees of Shimano NZ; employees of authorised Shimano retailers and companies associated with the competition; and any of the immediate families of any of those persons cannot enter into the Competition.

The Draw At the end of each calender month - for the duration of the LMS 2 promotion - 2 people will be randomly selected by a computer generated random selection programme . If you are one of the 2 people selected, Shimano NZ will contact you directly and at that time may ask to see and verify your receipt of the purchase of your Products. Shimano NZ will also post the names of 2 monthly winners on the Shimano NZ Facebook page and via EDM to the entrants of the LMS 2 promotion. This random selection and announcement will happen no later than the 13th of each following calender month. By the 13th of March 2020, Shimano NZ will have contacted and notified the final 2 randomly selected consumers for the Last Man Standing Draw. In total there are 10 spots available to be won, with 2 spots per month to be won. 
Shimano NZ reserves the right to accept or decline an entry if the proof of purchase cannot be definitively confirmed.
If Shimano cannot contact a winner within 48 hours and all reasonable attempts – via phone & email. Shimano will re-draw that person’s place in the Competition. The names of the Final Ten will also be posted onto the Shimano Facebook page within 2 days of being selected. The Final Ten all win a trip to the Offshore Adventures Lodge in Mangawhai (the Lodge) for two nights’ accommodation and one day’s fishing with Tony Orton and the Offshore Adventures and the Fishing News team. The draw for the Prizes will take place at 5pm on Friday 27th, March 2020 at the Lodge. If a Final Ten entrant is not at the Lodge at that time, then that person will not be eligible to win a Prize. Shimano is able to transport Final Ten participants from our office in Albany to the Lodge and back again, but all participants must make their own travel arrangements to get to our office in Apollo Drive, and make their own way home from our office. The draw for the Prizes is conducted as follows: • All Final Ten entrants will be lined up and will blind-folded. • We will also blindfold one of the sponsors of the event. • There are two buckets each with balls numbered 1-10 on them. • Final Ten participants will then each randomly choose one ball out of a bucket. • The blind-folded sponsor will pull one ball out of the other bucket at a time and the number will be read out. • If a Final Ten participant’s ball number is read out, that participant is then out of the draw. • We will repeat this process until only 2 Final Ten participants are left standing. • Of the 2 people left standing, 1 will win the trip to Mexico, and 1 will win the Extreme boat, Honda & Voyager trailer turnkey package. • The blindfolded sponsor will then draw the next ball out, the number will be read out, and the participant who has that number will win the trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and the LAST MAN STANDING, wins the boat package. Note – If the weather on the day, of the fishing trip at Mangawhai Heads with Tony Orton and Fishing News Magazine, is deemed unsafe to go fishing, then the weekend away and Last Man Standing draw will proceed as planned on the above date of Friday 27nd March 2020 and the 10 finalists will be re-booked on charters with Tony Orton and Offshore Adventures at Mangwhai heads on another suitable day. The charters will be free of charge, but food and travel will be all care and expense of the 10 finalists.

H&FNZ Bonus Boat Terms and Conditions

Hunting & Fishing NZ's bonus boat will be drawn by Hunting & Fishing NZ after the Shimano LMS2 draw. All competition entrants who purchased from H&FNZ and entered the Shimano LMS2 competition during the promotion period (1 Oct 2019 – 29 Feb 2020) will be included in the H&FNZ bonus boat prize draw.

Hunting & Fishing NZ have extended the promotional period for the H&F NZ bonus boat draw only until 23:59 29 March 2020.The Hunting & Fishing New Zealand draw will take place independently and privately at a seperate location and time on Monday 30th March at 5pm. The Hunting & Fishing NZ Boat Prize Winner will be published on the Hunting & Fishing NZ Facebook page as soon as they have been contacted to confirm winner verification requirements. If Hunting & Fishing NZ cannot contact a winner within 48 hours and with all reasonable attempts via phone and email, Hunting & Fishing NZ will re-draw that persons place in the competition. Employees of Hunting & Fishing NZ, companies associated with the competition and any of the immediate families of those persons are not permitted to enter the competition. The total value of the Hunting & Fishing NZ bonus boat prize is $57,000. Entry coupons for this draw will only be available with Shimano, Rapala and Sufix purchases from H&F NZ stores.